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Things I love

It’s been a while since I wrote and I do want to write again but am somehow struggling.  So I thought I would write a list because lists are easy and maybe this list will get me going.

And I thought I could write a list about the things I love,  like travelling then coming back home again.  Walking and talking in the park.  Walking and not talking at all.  Champagne.  Group chats that are about champagne.  Flirtations.  My new sexy slip that I bought and it cost me a fortune and I hope I get to wear it with somebody, soon. Or at least, take it off for somebody, soon.  Leftover cake. The sun. Poetry.

And writing.

And the thing with writing is that it takes discipline.   I often mess around and I write bits and pieces and I have a million notebooks and I start something and I stop and I get distracted or I think I cannot do it and I have a chapter here and two chapters there and there is no cohesion and I go back to writing lists of all the things I love.


Neighbourhood walks.

Caramel Crunch Ice Cream.

Going barefoot.


My dog who is on anti depressants.

My other dog who is not.

A really good book.


Sunrises and sunsets.

Yoga, and that I can finally do the perfect Tree Pose.

Tree Pose.

Letting go.

And writing.  

And I wrote this quickly but I just bolded all the bits about writing because that is what this is all about really.  Writing. And how much I love it.  And miss it.

Tomorrow I start.  Seriously.  Properly.  Cohesively.  With an outline.


Even if it is just writing about lists.

a sunset (more…)

I should start writing again: A Memoir

good morning from my couch
where I am feeling
and content
happy to be home
uttering vague sexual noises
at all the stories I have to share
and tales to tell
but also feeling


And thank you India for an astonishing experience.


My toes, on a rooftop in Delhi.


One sentence

Last week I went to a writer’s workshop. I’ve been to many and I always come out with something. A new skill, a new thought, a brainwave moment.

But last week I came out with something extraordinary.

One sentence.

The woman who ran the workshop read some of her writing to us. It was deeply moving. As she started reading, maybe it was her voice which was so filled with emotion, a lump developed in my throat.

And as she continued, I started crying.

Not just crying, weeping. Her words were exceptional. But painful.

‘How did you do it?’, I asked at the end. ‘How did you ever manage to get those astonishingly beautiful but such difficult words on paper?’

She told me it had been the hardest thing she had ever done. But that someone had once given her brilliant advice.

Write one sentence a day.

Just one. And it will be difficult. But you will find that after thirty days, thirty sentences is quite a lot. And then it slowly gets easier to write two a day. Then three. Until you’re ready to write it all.

It was such good advice and I feel eternally grateful.

I have a story, a difficult story, that I cannot write. I’ve tried, so many times, and each time I delete.  I get overwhelmed with emotion.

Today I wrote my first sentence. It was hard. It may take ten years for me to write the story that I have inside. The only one that I really want to tell.

Tears were streaming down my face as I wrote it.

But I’m so glad that I have begun.

Eternally grateful.