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I’m standing in the line in a very trendy burger bar.  It’s taking a long time but I don’t mind.  I am not that hungry, also I’m learning a lot about people just by their lunch orders.

Man oneChicken burger, hold the bun, no fries, extra salad.

Meh! Banting.

Man two:  Give me a traditional prego but add gorgonzola, sprouts and pesto, yip, with chips, thank you.

Yum. Healthy, adventurous and quite polite.  Nice.

Woman three: I’ll have a double burger with cheddar, haloumi, cream cheese, bacon, chilli, pesto, sweet onion, pickles, mushrooms, extra fries.  Thanks, yeah, keep the change.

God yes.  She’s Perfect! Perfect.

Me: I’ll have what she ordered.  With a glass of champagne. Please.

Hah! Decisive. Greedy. Alcoholic. Polite too.

And now very deliciously full.