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Things I love

It’s been a while since I wrote and I do want to write again but am somehow struggling.  So I thought I would write a list because lists are easy and maybe this list will get me going.

And I thought I could write a list about the things I love,  like travelling then coming back home again.  Walking and talking in the park.  Walking and not talking at all.  Champagne.  Group chats that are about champagne.  Flirtations.  My new sexy slip that I bought and it cost me a fortune and I hope I get to wear it with somebody, soon. Or at least, take it off for somebody, soon.  Leftover cake. The sun. Poetry.

And writing.

And the thing with writing is that it takes discipline.   I often mess around and I write bits and pieces and I have a million notebooks and I start something and I stop and I get distracted or I think I cannot do it and I have a chapter here and two chapters there and there is no cohesion and I go back to writing lists of all the things I love.


Neighbourhood walks.

Caramel Crunch Ice Cream.

Going barefoot.


My dog who is on anti depressants.

My other dog who is not.

A really good book.


Sunrises and sunsets.

Yoga, and that I can finally do the perfect Tree Pose.

Tree Pose.

Letting go.

And writing.  

And I wrote this quickly but I just bolded all the bits about writing because that is what this is all about really.  Writing. And how much I love it.  And miss it.

Tomorrow I start.  Seriously.  Properly.  Cohesively.  With an outline.


Even if it is just writing about lists.

a sunset (more…)

A poem

I once said that working from home was 30 percent working and 70 percent checking the fridge I was wrong it’s ninety percent checking the fridge and ten percent online shopping. Oops, never been good at math.

One two three four, squeeze two three four

I recently joined a new exercise class. The instructor is fantastic, works us really hard and after each class I always say ‘God I’m never gonna walk again…’

It’s usually the only thing I say. I don’t talk much during the class because of the PAIN IN MY THIGHS, also I like to focus on my breathing, count the crunches, 12, 13, 14, 101, hey that’s 200, keep going, 201, sweet jesus this is hard work.

Other people are chatty. They talk about their kids, their work, their partners and their problems. I listen but I don’t join in.

Until the last class.

I moaned. Not my usual ‘Ow this is really hard’ but I kind of exhaled the ‘Ooooow oooooh this is really  hard.’

‘You make the pain sound sexy,’ said my instructor.

‘Well I am a sex writer, ‘ I replied. ‘I can make anything sound sexy.’

The class drew to a halt.

I had finally spoken in my exercise class.

And it was up to me to speak a little bit more.

I told them about my blog and the name of it and how sometimes I test sex toys and which are the best sex toys but the most brilliant thing – I kept on squeezing my gluteus maximus.

402, 403, 404…

Reader.  This is a breakthrough moment.

Not only have I finally spoken in my exercise class but I have the best butt in my exercise class.

Everyone else has rushed out to buy sex toys.

Now it’s just me.

And I don’t have to talk to anyone.

405, 406…