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I stood up to kiss ‘A’ hello.

Hug her actually; I am the hugging kind.

Oh my gosh you smell delicious,’ I said.

She really did, her perfume divine.

Oh dear god you too,’ she whispered, burrowing her face into my neck.

We clung on to each other for a bit longer than we should have. Like, maybe a whole five minutes longer.

A great hug. A tight hug. A very close hug.

A pressing against each other kind of hug.

And then we sat down on either side of the table, surrounded by friends.

Our friends who were a little bit drunk.

Hey girls, what about a threesome?’

We both laughed, smelled each others necks again, held hands, giggled and then came up with every excuse in the world.

‘No, we don’t want to mess up the friendship.’

‘Ah can’t do it, we have to work tomorrow.’

‘Dammit I’m keen but I had my hair done today, no way I’m messing it up.’

‘Midweek’s not great, also I haven’t worn my best underwear.’

We all carried on talking, drinking, arm wrestling and then hours later, it was time to go home.

Hugs and kisses all round, goodbye.

‘A’ and I kissed and hugged again, both of us were thinking – should we, should we maybe, we kind of wanted to, why not, this would be a first for me, not so sure for her, but hey…

One of the guys called out – ‘Hey girls, wanna give that threesome a little bit more thought?’

We looked at each other.

‘Sorry Boys. Nope.  No way. No threesome.’

But we did hug again.

And smell each other again.

And carry on kissing…



My winter reading list

Because I’m too cold to have sex, and also apparently lazy, I’m spending a lot of time under a blanket with a fabulous pile of books.

My laptop’s next to me too, so when a blog on Sex Positions popped into my inbox I immediately put my book down and paid serious attention.

Thirty eight positions, I read.  Quite impressive. I wondered how many of them I knew. Or had maybe tried.

The first four were pretty cool and actually, no surprises here. Missionary, doggy style, etc.

Then I got to number five.

Face Sitting.

First sentence. Face sitting can be very hot.

Yip, I thought immediately. Hot. Sweaty. Like, his crotch in your face and you can’t breathe and you’re already so damn hot and now you’re going to get even hotter and dammit it’s boiling in here and pass the water, fan me, it’s a heatwave, a drought, oh god a heart attack, I’m dying…

Of course as I read on I realised they didn’t mean hot on fire hot. They meant sexy hot, oh my gosh hot, this is so damn good hot, oh yes shove your crotch even deeper please now oh more more god  so hot hot I’m coming.

I never got to number six. Sadly I knew these positions were not for me.

I closed my laptop and went back to my book.

A sweet romantic love story.  Much safer.  Much cooler.

Much easier to cope with.


N.B. Number three also had me like fuck no.  And – I glanced at number eighteen.  What, how, where is her body?