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Note to self

It’s Valentine’s Day and whatever you do do not send a nude to the guy you only slept with once or twice the one who never called you again. Stop, Violet, stop, right now, stop. Click. Happy Valentine’s Day y’all. And so much love…

Keep it short

So I sat at my dining room table yesterday, chair in, back straight, legs crossed, phone in hand, and I sexted.

100 sexts.

All very short. Easy writing.

Today I sat down to work on my book. Same book I’ve been working on for years. I used to write a few pages a day. Then, a page a day. That became a paragraph. Now, a couple of sentences.

These days I write short.

A few words and I’m done.

It’s the times we live in. It’s not that I don’t want to write lots anymore. I can’t. I am so distracted and I know it’s because of this digital age.

It’s the same as reading. I used to get through four books a month Now, if I get through one I think it’s fabulous and I tell everyone I know, hey hey, I read a book.

We have all become used to short.

And we’re all distracted. Apparently it’s something about our brains and dopamine and we see one thing but there’s something else to look at and our brains get excited and unfocused and let me just check my emails and look at twitter and one more tweet and oh let me see that article and that video and….


I am not in a panic. It is what it is.

And I have decided that I don’t need to write books. Or stories. Or even blogs.

I can just stick to titles.

Here are some that I did today.

Other peoples shoes.                                       Fashion.
This chocolate ice cream.                               A love story.
I want him, now.                                             Erotica.
Get yourself that frock.                                   Inspirational.
I dropped my last valium.                             Horror.
I got dressed for gym.                                     Memoir.
I also want to climb the Trump Tower.     Fitness.
The whisky bottle is empty.                           Disaster.

Much better. Easy to write, easy for you to read, everyone’s happy, go check Facebook, look at Instagram, and hey, look at that tweet, cool, thanks, see ya, oh man, is this my blog, where am I, what was I even writing…


I’m a little bit mad

This morning I lay in bed, sipped my coffee and scrolled through Facebook.

There was an aunty asking me how I was. Publicly, as aunties do.

I smile at those things.

Pretty good thanks Auntie B, appreciate you asking.

There was a good friend sending me a puppy pic, as good friends do.

I smile at those things too.

Ugh that is too cute man, thanks darling.

And an idiot that I went on a disastrous date with just once, posting a pic of us, on Facebook, public forum, for everyone to see, one year, ONE YEAR after the date.

I do not smile at those things.

‘Why the fuck would you put that picture up, you idiot.  Seriously, why?’

What I remember about that night was it was so awful that I’d walked out after like an hour. Before that someone had been taking pics. I remember pretending to smile and look happy for the camera. I wasn’t happy, it was a fuck awful date, probably the worst I’ve ever had.

My blood boiled.  I didn’t wait for him to reply, I just deleted the pic.

But I was really cross.

I’m still cross.

And in fact it was a really good pic of me, the lighting was fab and my eyes were shining and I loved my hair like that and think I’m gonna grow it back to that length, but – I just didn’t want any reminders of that awful evening.  Or of him.

Am I overreacting, as I am known to do?


But I don’t care. Don’t put pics of me up on social media when I barely know you and jesus christ it was just horrible and he was drunk and disgusting and everyone at the party was awful and I was the only well dressed one and they all wore hand knitted jerseys with reindeers on them and crocs, god crocs, and I just want to erase that night out of my mind forever.

Yeah. No.

I’m not overreacting at all.