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I have a tenant who lives in a cottage in my garden. She’s quite shy and I’m a little unsociable. We keep our distance from one another but we do like one another. We say things like hey, how was work, nice haircut, Fred stop … Continue reading Combat


The thing about Spain is nobody asks why you’re travelling alone. It’s just not a thing. Everybody does it. And everyone is different and difference is also not a thing. There are young and old, singles, families, conservatives, tattooed, pierced and very funky people, sexy, … Continue reading Madrid.

Note to self

It’s Valentine’s Day and whatever you do do not send a nude to the guy you only slept with once or twice the one who never called you again. Stop, Violet, stop, right now, stop. Click. Happy Valentine’s Day y’all. And so much love…

A key

‘Is the key hanging where it’s supposed to hang?’ ‘Yip,’ I said. ‘Good,’ he replied. That was all. Enough for me to feel exactly how I’d felt when he’d hung it there all those years ago. A key for a space that was ours. That won’t … Continue reading A key