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Oh Hi, hi, let me kiss you hello, kiss kiss, hug, hello, oh man you look gorgeous, hi, hi…

This is me, overcompensating a thousand percent when I bump into my ex-husband’s new girlfriend.

Strangely enough I do not kiss my ex-husband hello, even though I know him a zillion times better than the new girlfriend.

Even though we are technically friends. And even though she has been in his life for a few years and is not technically a new girlfriend at all.

I do not gush at him in any way. I say hello, very casually.

Hi ex-husband.

Hi Violet.

Hi hi hi oh hiiiiiiiii, new girlfriend, wow, hi….

I try not to get the giggles. It’s awkward. I think it will always be awkward. It’s okay when the ex-husband and I meet to talk about the kids or money. That’s always done quietly, one on one, at home, in a comfortable situation.

But in a social situation it gets kinda odd. When there are mutual friends around, when you have to make small talk and when you have lives that were once shared hugely and are now no longer shared at all.

It’s weird.

And I wonder if it will ever get easy. Which is what I would like very much.  For everything to be relaxed.

I guess I will just keep gushing at the not so new girlfriend until one day I realise I don’t need to gush at her at all.

That we are kind of okay. The three of us.