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Sunday porn

It’s early Sunday morning. Still dark. I’m awake but not really. Everything is quiet.

I sit up, sleepy, stretch, slip my top over my head.

And I reach over.

He’s fast asleep. He has his back to me.

I kiss him on the right shoulder and run my hands through his hair.

I touch him softly on his cheek. Then on his ear. And his neck.

I bite him, just a little. I run my hand, my nails, slowly down his back.

And around. Gently and not so gently.

I lean over. And, touching but not touching, I move my nipples over his skin.

He wakes. He turns over. He pulls me towards him.

Touches me. His big hands. Hard. Strong. Feeling. Everywhere.

My panties get pulled off.

I’m ready.

Wet, from now, wet from last night.

He doesn’t need to wait. He goes inside me.

It’s good. It is so good.

I come. He comes.

We don’t talk. He makes coffee.

I sink back into the pillows. Go back to sleep.

When I wake up he’s gone. I put my PJ’s back on.  Drink my coffee. Read the papers. Pick up my book.

It’s Sunday.