Category: depression


Last night I fell asleep feeling uneasy.  And today, I still feel uneasy.

I have been afflicted by a general malaise.   A friend told me to ‘snap out of it.’

Snap out of it Violet, he said. You’re so much more fun when you’re alive.

Fuck off, I replied from the couch, giving him the death stare. When he carried on, I threw my book at him.

I have brilliant aim. The best aim of all the sex bloggers out there. I hit him boom bang kapow right in the middle of his forehead.

Blood. Bruising. Concussion.

Violet, how could you…

I got off the couch, retrieved my book, wiped off the blood and lay down again.

What page was I on?

Ah, chapter three.


It’s terrible.

I am afflicted by malaise.