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Sweet joy

Someone asked me today how I am and without thinking or analysing or overthinking I replied that I’m good. That I’m busy at work which is fantastic. And busy with life and a bit of love and also with dogs and kids and friends and the sweetest ripest granadillas and fresh food and fruit and very good wine and I realised something.

Something big.

I’m Happy.

Even with our political turmoil, I’m happy.

Even with a love life that is sometimes in turmoil, I’m happy.

Maybe it’s the weather; these glorious autumn days with glorious autumn colours.
Maybe it’s the possibility of love.
Of new kisses.
And skin.
Or sex.

Maybe it’s the dope I smoked.

Or all the dancing I’ve done.

I don’t know.

It could be because I finally learned how to use semi-colons which make me feel so good, like I  love using them and I think I need to use one immediately; would this be right?

I don’t know why, I just feel happy.

Perhaps I’ve become less difficult to please. More comfortable with me. And you.

And with life.


I just want to shout it out.


It’s a good feeling.

Insert semi-colon.

Right here.


The guy who used to wear the yellow t-shirt

Remember the guy with the yellow t-shirt?

Well, I saw him over the weekend at a brunch. And out of the blue he gave me the shirt.

I was surprised and flattered and I giggled because it brought back all the stuff about how I met him.

And I love that we’ve become friends. That a chance meeting in a coffee shop turned into something lovely.

I learned quite a few things from that yellow t-shirt bumping into oh my gosh chance encounter.

Talk to strangers.
Talk to more strangers.
Put yourself out there.
Don’t be scared.

Also, if they wear terrible t-shirts, tell them.

Trash them. Trash them publicly, trash them privately, trash them any way you want, but trash them. And you’ll be able to tell from their reaction, what kind of person they are.

The guy who used to wear the yellow t-shirt had a sense of humour. He laughed all the way through his public trashing.

Which is the other thing I learned.

Laugh at yourself.
Laugh out loud.
And chuckle.

Today I’ve been chuckling.

I woke up this morning and put the shirt on. It’s about a million sizes too big for me. It’s soft. Worn. Cosy.

It feels good.

And I’ve been feeling creative and arty and sexy in my oversized huge shirt.  I decided to paint.  The shirt is now red and blue and arsenic green and a mess and I love it.

I’m going to tell the guy who used to wear the yellow t-shirt that his shirt is no longer yellow.

That it’s a comfort shirt now.

He’ll chuckle.

I think. I know. I hope.


Intuition, part two

And then there is the other intuitive thing
when he calls
and you say yes
because you know
you just know
this is right
and sexy


Yes. No. K.

Hey Violet, I really need that story by 3.00, can you do it?
Are you mad, that’s like now, it’s gonna take days.
Please please, it’s important, I’d forgotten.
Oh, okay, sigh, I’ll get started.

Meet me for lunch Vi?
Nah, so damn busy and gotta…
Ugh, I gotta talk to someone, desperate.
Can we do tonight, no, really no, now, you gonna kill yourself if we don’t? Fine, fine, where, when, K, see you there, put the gun down, down, now..

Vee, we’re doing this fundraiser and…
NO, just no.
But you’re so good at it and think of all those starving children and..
Oh christ, can I say no, I don’t care about the starving children, oh fuck, fine, yes 2 pm?

Anal Sex?


Can you do the school lift?
Sure, even though I think you’re a fucking cunt for never doing the school lift yourself. Sure.

Oh fuck off.

Why do I find it so hard to say no to anything? Except anal. I’ve read all the self help books and been over this a billion times in therapy.  I know it’s about self worth and loving yourself and blah blah boring and I’ve definitely learned to say no a lot more, but – mostly I think as women we find it hard to say no because – because we’re kind?  Caring.  Loving.

I don’t know.

Anyway.  No.  I can’t help you with that right now.  Sorry.  Gotta go.  Heading to the dog park.  A date. I have a dog date.

That was a YES.

Oh no!!!