Dear Johannesburg Water

‘Hey, great blog,’ said a guy I always see at the dog park. 

‘So glad you read it,’  I replied. ‘ Thank you.’ I  always feel a little self conscious when writers have read my stuff.

He has thousands of readers.  I have about 12.

We stopped for a chat.  We spoke about Johannesburg, summer, our perfect dogs and of course, the lack of rain.  

You cannot help but talk about the lack of rain, there’s evidence all over the park. The earth is dry and cracked, the dams are low and the streams so narrow you don’t even have to jump.   

I went on a little vent.

‘God what is wrong with Johannesburg Water.  Like, we keep getting messages in all caps from Gauteng Weather about OH MY GOD HEATWAVE, but we don’t get messages from Jo’burg Water about OH MY GOD WATER.’

Johannesburg Water should be running extreme active campaigns.

They’re not.

‘Stop venting to me,’ he said.  ‘Write about it.’

Oh, I said, thinking of my twelve readers.

But when I got home and went into my garden and looked at the mint burning at the edges with not a raincloud in sight, I started writing.

Sure, we may have rain. I think it’s supposed to HUGE THUNDERSTORM NEXT WEEK.  Sure the dams may go from 40 % to full.  But they may not. And even if they do, it’s temporary.  

Johannesburg water is an issue.

We all watched Cape Town approaching Day Zero.  They left their water crisis management till the last minute.  And now they’ve had rain, people have forgotten.

Until the next crisis.


This is a plea to Johannesburg Water.  You guys are in charge.  I know we have water restrictions from 6 am till 6 pm.  And I know you put stuff on Twitter and your Twitter guy is in fact very good. BUT NOT EVERYBODY IS ON TWITTER. And even if they were, we need more water awareness.  And stronger restrictions.

We have got to change our ways. 

We need to be active. We need massive posters.  We need them everywhere.

And more.

Johannesburg Water, and my 12 readers, it’s over to you.




8 thoughts on “Dear Johannesburg Water

  1. Yah, we’re slowly coming out of a drought here in Alabama. All of the trees that I had planted a few years ago for FALL COLOR lost their leaves in August because of NO rain and scorching heat. Now it’s fall and the leaves are on the ground. Damn. But it did rain a few nights ago. Very welcome and it’s cooled down. So, I’m sending some positive thoughts your way, hoping it brings you guys some serious rain. 🙂

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    1. ah that is sad re the trees. We have thousands of trees here in Joburg that have been affected by shot hole borer, a beetle, and it’s heartbreaking to watch them get sick and slowly die. Sending positive vibes your way too. GOD BLESS THE RAIN.

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  2. I sympathise and totally understand. I hope Joburg gets its act together in time.
    It was very bad here in Cape Town in 2017 when the dams got down to 19%, but we did turn it around with Massive campaigns and ads all over the place. Everyone did their bit to save water.
    One thing I have to say though, is that Capetonians are Still saving water like crazy! We didn’t get much rain this winter, but the dams are near 80% full – only because we are all still saving water. It has become a good habit. 🙂

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  3. In 2016 when we had some water restrictions you’d still find people watering their lawns. There’s nothing more frustrating for me than seeing someone wasting perfectly clean water on a garden that doesn’t produce food. Water is invaluable but we treat it like it’s worthless. It requires an overhaul change of habits from domestic to business use.

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