Shame on us, South Africa

It’s been a shocking few days in South Africa

another terrible murder

more xenophobic violence

fires and looting and shameful behaviour

I feel ashamed to be South African right now

My heart is breaking for Zimbabweans lining up for busses to go home

For Nigerians who have had their shops burnt to the ground

For Ethiopians who have had all their goods destroyed

For Somalians who were never welcomed in the first place

For women who cannot walk to the corner cafe

For my helper, a single mom, with nobody to turn to

A single mom who had to leave her children alone at home

Because going to school

Is not safe today

And will not be safe tomorrow

What happened to us South Africa

How did we become this

And how do we change.


4 thoughts on “Shame on us, South Africa

  1. Just this past weekend, at a dive bar in Kansas City of all places (meaning nothing to you, I know…), some dude opened fire because earlier, he had some type of altercation with the bartender and/or other people there 😦

    It was bad enough when it was always high-profile events and places with a lot of people, but now we can’t even go to the local bar and get a couple of drinks and dinner without worrying you’ll be a part of the next mass shooting here in the States.


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