Anxiety, spontaneity, a good heart

I’ve had a bit of anxiety of late . First, my doc told me I had high cholesterol. I was so shocked that I developed body pains everywhere.  I decided I was having a heart attack; my doctor assured me I was not. Okay fine, but the pain on the side of my body must be from the mole I haven’t checked out for the last six months, which I know is fine because the dermatologist told me it was fine, but maybe it’s not fine and okay no heart attack but definitely a melanoma.

No, the doctor assured me, your moles are good, your heart is fine, let’s do an ECG to put your mind at ease, all good.  Really, no heart attack, okay, but I’m so sore, maybe it’s my breasts, time for a mammogram which I am also here to tell women that a mammogram is in fact not sore and the women who do it are amazing and do not leave it for a few years and have anxiety because that is what I did and my mammogram was fine, perfect breasts, no Violet, you are in excellent health.

Except for my cholesterol, which is where this all started.

And that was how I decided to book a trip to India.  I mean, I’d been thinking of it anyway for December and had spent a lot of time googling and suddenly a dream trip popped up and it’s really a dream trip and I AM NOT DYING, I was never close to dying I had total anxiety, and the dream trip leaves today and so I am at the airport with my good heart and perfect breasts and no pain whatsoever because I am no longer anxious.

Well.  I am a teeny bit anxious.  I’ve replaced my heart attack with maybe losing my passport or money or what if I get kidnapped but I also know I am being insane and popping a little tranquiliser, and INDIA, Northern India, the High Himalayas, Leh and Ladakh, an area that I’ve always wanted to go.

I’m on my way.  I feel great.  My heart is good. My friends and kids have all encouraged me. I’m excited.  I have a small pain in my heel.  Could it be achilles, what can be wrong, FORGET IT VIOLET, you’re travelling, it’s going to be fun, oh shit where’s my passport, my credit card, did I pack my visa…

SEE YA on the other side! And Namaste.



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