An ode to TILT

Every morning after my yoga class I walk the short block to TILT, my local and favourite coffee shop in Melville. It’s like going from one shrine to another.  At yoga we stretch, pose, turn into pigeons and ohm.  At TILT we breathe in the smell of freshly roasted coffee, home-made pecan pie and  fresh-out-the-oven muffins.  We offer good mornings, hellos and Namastes to all the other locals.

We also think about having tattoos. I do, anyway. The owner, Leah, is not just beautiful but has the best tattoos in town. And while I am over 50 and haven’t yet had a tattoo, I’m kind of inspired by hers.

Leah is super efficient, has a fabulous team working with her, the service is 100% excellent and the coffee is divine.

Also, dogs are welcome at TILT.  My dog, a slightly neurotic Jack Russel, is a deep thinker.  He never leaps head first into anything; he takes his time and considers his surroundings.  He susses out the room.  Is it safe to enter? Are there any dangerous people hanging out? Will there be men his mother has dated and he has not liked?  Only then, when he feels safe, will he enter, one paw at a time. 

And he takes a while to relax.  

Not at TILT.  He goes in headfirst and wagging his tail.  TILT is teeny but dogs are welcome.  The rescue from Tanzania hangs out there.  Oscar and Matilda are regulars. Spencer and Rusty enjoy the biscuits.  Alfie, the Goldendoodle is a fave.

And even though it’s tiny, there are never any dog issues.

It’s like yoga.  

Everyone gets on.  Everyone is on the same page.  Everyone wants peace and kindness and good health and dog licks and the best coffee in town.

TILT.  It’s teeny.  It has great wall paper  And honey.  And is open every day except Monday,  HOW DARE THEY!


TILT.  75 4th Avenue, Melville.  Tel: 072 369 5834

Pure Peace Yoga, Melville.  Check the schedule.

9 thoughts on “An ode to TILT

  1. Absolutely agree. With everything. Except my dogs, the reprobates, aren’t as zen as yours is. However Leah still gives them biscuits. I don’t think I have ever met someone I didn’t like at Tilt. Great place. Great blog!

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  2. Violet you have good taste. I miss the fuck out of TILT. Although I have no dog, I have seen dogs getting biscuits. Many of them. Very dog friendly at TILT. In my next life, I want to be a TILT visiting dog. TILT is my MOST FAVOURITE COFFEE SHOP in the whole world. There is so much to say about the COFFFEEEEE, the food, the shakes and Leah, the intimate space, the music (great, eclectic collection), the wall paper, the energy, the passer-by eye candy and Leah. I’m dying without my habitual morning TILT coffee and of course, Leah, who is very soft on the eye.


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