Wtf, Inefficiency

I thought I should stop hibernating and decided to go to a movie.  Cinema Noueveau, Rosebank, Sunday afternoon.

I parked my car in the Rosebank Mall and arranged for Sibiso, from the informal sector,  to wash it.  I paid him in advance and walked to the movies. 

Closed.  Boarded up.   Darkness.  Not a single sign to say Renovating.  And not a single sign on their website either; I’d checked the times of the movie.

I sighed.  And dashed  to the next nearby movie house, Ster Kinekor, also in Rosebank.  Maybe White Crow was showing there. 

It wasn’t; not their fault.  But the escalators were all out of order.  In both directions.

Hundreds of Sunday shoppers all going up and down the steps.  Not so much fun.

Now I had to kill time as Sibiso was washing my car.  Popped into Woolworths.  Did a quick shop.  Apologised to the cashier for taking a plastic bag. 

‘Sorry I’m taking plastic,’ I told her.  ‘I hadn’t planned on shopping.’  

‘But what’s wrong with plastic?’ she asked me.

I couldn’t go there.

Went to pay for my parking.  Easy.  R 8.  I put in a R 50.  My change came out.  All powdered blue, which I am pretty sure is from a fucking bank robbery.

The only thing that did work was Sibiso and my car.  Efficiency.  A shining car.  A shining smile.  And I had paid him in advance.

Moral of the story. 

Forget Ster-Kinekor.  Forget Cinema Nouveau.  Forget Rosebank Mall and Woolworths and Rip off Parkings and Bank Robberies and capitalism.

Shout out to Sibiso though.  And the informal sector. 

It’s the only way to go.

Combined with Netflix.

And hibernation.

9 thoughts on “Wtf, Inefficiency

  1. It’s amazing how much can change within a few months in a city! Glad your car was still taken care of though 🙂


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