Hang on, are you Sophia?

Quite a few men come forward, on various platforms, when I write about sex or sex toys.  They ask questions, they have ideas, they quite like the open discussions.  

Which sometimes make me smile, and other times has me shrieking at home, alone, in my bed.

The best one that I got, thanks Mike, was how a man should keep toys at home for his multiple partners.

Should he have a few drawers, one for each lover, and should he label them individually:-




Or should he just throw them all together and let them pick and choose.


I couldn’t even think about this, other than OH MY GOD.  If a man, a lover who had multiple partners, ever took a little vibe out of his drawer and said why don’t you try this, I would tell him to fuck right off.

Also what if he got the names mixed up and opened the wrong drawer and offered the wrong toy and…

I am too conservative for this.

But this blog is not about that, because WHO AM I TO JUDGE, also I am meant to be open minded and also OH MY GOD.

This blog is about something else.

What about men?

What do they have in their drawers?

Where do they keep their appliances?

How come we don’t talk about them publicly?

And where do they recycle their cock rings?

19 thoughts on “Hang on, are you Sophia?

  1. Eww, I’m sorry Mike but eww.

    My main concern would be: would he clean it properly in between uses? Let’s be honest, cis het men are not always the cleanest of creatures, the idea he’d just give it a quick wipe, maybe with a bit of washing up liquid and a grubby old dishcloth that he also uses for wiping down mac and cheese, and then shrug and say “looks clean enough to me” and put it back and then you’re there and he’s like “why don’t you use this, babe?” and it’s basically got someone else’s month-old bodily fluids all over it…

    I say again. Eww. No. Just no.


      1. You know that feeling you get watching that scene in Indiana Jones when she reaches into the hole in the wall and creepy crawlies skitter all up her arm? That’s the feeling I have imagining this scene…


  2. The comments are just as entertaining as the blog.

    Lands. I have my toys. Rarely does a fellow even think to ask if I want to bring them into play. That they would think to have them on hand for me? That’s adorable and I would welcome it, but I would insist on cleaning it myself, and develop a way to wrap them so I would recognize if something was amiss. A telltale knot or folding technique or something.

    But damn. A man willing to invest in me like that might be worth spending more time with

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  3. Just so I understand the rules….. A lesbian couple have toys labeled hers and hers? No comingling applies? Honey this feels good, give it a bash. The Mac n cheese gives it extra flavor!


    1. Couple play, like an intimate relationship, is different. And then nobody needs to label anything. But when there may be third parties involved that you are not aware of, or are unsure of, I don’t know, I don’t want to share my toys with anyone. EVER. And I hate Mac n Cheese.


      1. I might be wrong here, but I’m getting a sense that the attitude is that this is random sex with random people picked up on the side of the road. Completely not the case. I’m referring to consenting adults, who are clean upstanding citizens, with free will to have sex with multiple people that they know, respect and clean. I think there needs to be an attitude adjustment towards good clean sex here, and especially to the hygiene of men. Please don’t make me start a #metoo movement. Besides, I buy brand new toys for my roadside hookers specifically not to incriminate my friends with benefits.


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