Pablo House, Johannesburg

I was admonished recently by someone I admire deeply, for thinking I needed a date to dine out. 

‘Go on your own, dammit,’ she told me.  ‘Dress up, put on your lipstick and go and have fun.’

I knew she was right but I find it hard dining alone.  I feel a little insecure and a little awkward. 

But when I had the opportunity to spend a night at the little boutique hotel, Pablo House, I decided to GO IT ALONE.

I’ve spent a lot of time alone in hotels and I’ve always loved it. When it comes to meals, I have no issue with breakfast, lunch, or hanging out at the bar.  

But dinner is different. I either eat while reading a book, or I get room service.

My night at Pablo House included dinner.  


But I had this!

I could do this!

I didn’t tell anyone I was going, packed a small bag (toothbrush, face mask, clean underwear) and headed off.  Pablo House is five minutes from my home, a kind of oasis in the middle of a mad, big, bustling city.

Reader.  It has to be one of the most spectacular little boutique hotels in Johannesburg. They call it a guesthouse but it’s much more than that.  Built on a hill with a 180 degree view of the Melville Koppies and Johannesburg, the decor is divine, the art collection to die for, bar area is super cool and the outdoor dining area, where I was going it alone, fantastic.  

Hip, funky, luxurious, elegant, on-trend and beautifully South African, all in one.

I was delighted to be there.

Especially in my very gorgeous boudoir.

The suites are divine.  There are seven, as well as a penthouse loft apartment, all super inviting, with stunning textures, the best linen, a fabulous king size custom designed bed, lovely lighting and the cosiest of day beds.

Day beds everywhere!  I lay on one bed.  And then another.  I sat at the bar and had a cocktail.  Then a second. I wandered around the main area, looked through the telescope, and dipped my feet in the pool.  I chatted a little to the owner who told me his plans to build up, even higher, and have a 360 degree Johannesburg view.  And to have a Spa.

I picked out the table that I would sit at, alone, for dinner.

And then I had a shower and watched the sky change colour.

So divine, so lovely, so beautiful, so easy to be on my own.


I called all my friends. 

One by one.

Oh my god you have to come have a cocktail.

Oh my god you have to come see the sky.

Oh my god you have to come have a shower with me.

And my friends came.

Because of course they had to. The place is kind of irresistible.

I messaged my boys and suggested they join me for dinner.  The restaurant at Pablo House,  Pablo Dos Manos, has an excellent reputation.  And I knew they would love the Mr Bellchazer pizza, with coppa ham, goats cheese, basil, and loads of extra mushrooms please.

They did.

I still haven’t had dinner alone.  

But it was such fun to share this incredible experience.

Pablo House is is right here in Melville, Johannesburg.  I would choose it for out-of-town friends.  I would choose it for international visitors. And I would choose it for you.  For a drink, dinner, a celebration, or if you can, an overnight getaway.

It’s fab.

Do it.

And if you don’t want to dine alone, I will join you!


You can arrange in-house Spa treatments.  Breakfast is included at Pablo’s Eggs Go Bar.  And the prices are astonishingly reasonable!

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