Real deals

Black Friday makes me sad.  

I hate seeing people queuing up to buy stuff, getting deals which they should get every day, being bullshitted by retailers and getting caught up in consumerism which is easy to do.  

We all get caught up in consumerism.

I’ve been shouted at before for saying I hate Black Friday, and I get it.  I talk from a place of privilege, where I can afford to pay a little  extra for my loo paper.  For people who struggle, and who can save money on the daily stuff they need, Black Friday can be excellent.  

But it still makes me sad. 

And mad.  Because we’re getting fucked over by the retailers, no matter what.

And if I get one more uncreative bullshit message about discounted everything, I may explode.

Except for the mails I got from Erika Lust.  50 % off feminist porn.  I like this idea.  I LOVE THIS IDEA. I think we should all get 50% off our porn. 

I signed up immediately for a whole bunch of new movies. It’s excellent porn.

It’s good value.  

It’s the real deal.

And because I get very excited sometimes, and a little over enthusiastic,  I mailed all my friends the Black Friday Porn link.  

Not everyone wanted this link.

Some say they are not interested in the link.

Some say they are horrified by the link.

Some say they’d prefer the discounted loo paper.

I don’t blame them.

Loo paper is very expensive.

But I also think porn is something we need to talk about.  Good ethical feminist porn, anyway.

I think the Black Friday porn link can open up a good conversation.

So consider this my Cyber Monday duty.

And enjoy the movies:-

6 thoughts on “Real deals

  1. I feel exactly the same about Black Friday and avoid the stores at all costs over the “Five day” Friday! I also feel sorry for those who go in for a specific deal and get caught up in all the hoo haa so they spend more than they intended. In a few weeks it happens all over again for Christmas and then there are the January sales. No wonder people end up in debt.
    But hey – enjoy your movies anyway! 😀


  2. Also, if you look like you might leave the site you get offered money off!

    I know loads of women love the porn you can find elsewhere, but porn aimed specifically at women is difficult to come (haha) by. Personally I love Frolicme, but that’s partly because I write for them.


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