Dust, Water, Valium and Me.

I’m doing a renovation. It’s a small one that’s turned into a big one. Having builders is not so much fun. I’ve done it before and I’d forgotten about the dust, the dusty footprints, the doorbell that doesn’t stop, more dust, asthma from the dust, banging, clanging, screwing, drilling and drama.

But this is not about building. Because I know at the end of this, and the end is in sight, it is going to be DIVINE.

This is about energy.

I think good energy brings more good energy. When I’m in a good mood, stuff around me is good.

And when I’m in a bad mood, it is not.

I have been in a bad mood since the building started.

I was in such a bad mood that the entire water supply in my suburb, and all the surrounding suburbs, dried up for over forty-eight hours. Two full days without water. Thousands of people, probably hundreds of thousands, affected.

Not a single drop.

Disastrous on so many levels. And I had to take the blame.

My bad energy caused the disaster.

And then I was in SUCH a bad mood from the no water and no bathing and no coffee and being filthy and not being able to wash dishes or work OR BUILD, that I got into an even worse mood.

I became thunderous.

And then my washing machine gave in, so did my fibre optics, the dog escaped, the gate broke, I had an attempted robbery and the dust, the fucking dust, it all became too much.

And I cried my way around the grocery store looking for bottled water, any water, but of course, there was a water frenzy and I was not the only one crying.

Also, nobody blamed me, haha, THEY DIDN’T KNOW.

But sweet goddesses, everybody had good energy.

Neighbours. Community. Friends.

Even builders.

We found water. We shared water. We didn’t fight over water. We kind of laughed over it too.

And then a friend DID MY WASHING. She came over, picked it up, washed everything including my underwear, and bought it back. The same friend bought me a whole lot of water. And valium. Other friends listened to me rant and rave and weep and vent and they just nodded and said ja.


To be honest I wasn’t a complete disaster either. I helped people who were worse off than me.

And my energy changed.

And then the water came back.

And the gate got fixed and so did the stupid washing machine even though I was hoping my friend would do my washing forever but nah. The dust is diminishing and my building looks amazing and it’s all going to be okay.

We might change plans, maybe fill in the bathtub and include a couple of sunken wells.

Because it will happen again.

There are water crises all over the world.

And most of them are not even my fault.

Glass of water?


10 thoughts on “Dust, Water, Valium and Me.

  1. You do realise that there’s “happy drugs” in bottled & borehole water & the outage was all planned for you to succumb & become a happy clappy

    Yours in wetness


  2. I loved this post! Sorry for all your suffering, but all is well and glad to hear it. Well, all isn’t well…you could be living in Alabama a state that loves Donald Trump! Talk about your world going to hell in a hand basket…ha! But I absolutely enjoyed this post, as I do all of your posts. You’ve got a writer’s talent dear Violet. Good eye, good timing, good story. If you ever get that novel written, please let me be a first reader! 🙂


    1. thank you so much. meantime as I wrote this post I was thinking about all the South Africans who have never had water, still don’t have water, have to walk for kms every single day to get water. so you know, I am still so bloody privileged.
      and yes, OMG Trump, every day I think how can he still be president. and he is still president. sorry. it’s awful.
      AND THANK YOU, and okay, you’ll be a first reader then!

      Liked by 2 people

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