Why, Melania, why?

For the last few months I have felt sorry for Melania Trump. I’ve thought maybe her evil orange husband is abusive, maybe she’s a victim, maybe she’s stuck or trapped or held in chains and fears for her life.

No more.

That jacket.

Why, why why would she wear that jacket.

Because she is more than stupid. She doesn’t care. And she too is evil.

Melania has had plenty of time to speak up and hasn’t done it. She’s made choices. She has stayed by her husband’s side. And she may have swatted away his small fat hand from time to time but it is not enough.

And the daughter, she too has had time to stand up and say no.

She too is evil.

I don’t know why I expect more from women. I just presume that women will be good and kind and humane and do the right thing.

I do not expect them to behave like Nazis.

Or be Nazis.

I’m reading up on Nazi women right now. Erna Petri was 23 with two young children when she came across six starving, terrified, naked boys, hiding on the side of the road. She fed them and then she led them into the woods and she shot them, one by one, in the back of the head.

She wasn’t the only one.

I know we shouldn’t be talking about the jacket. We should be talking about the kids. But Melania’s jacket says it all.

She doesn’t care about the kids.

And it’s time to stop making excuses for her.

24 thoughts on “Why, Melania, why?

      1. Also, did you see Donald’s tweet about the jacket? Like, the PRESIDENT of the United States tweeted about his wife’s JACKET. And said she wore it as a political commentary about fake news. Seriously, what universe is this.

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      1. Yes..I agree. I don’t think there are many ways to interpret this jacket other than not caring about the issue at hand, so if that wasn’t what she intended, it showed an incredible lack of social and political skills.. and why would her staff or husband not talk her out of wearing it? This whole story gets weirder and weirder.

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  1. What was remarkable to me is that she wore that jacket with such a ‘fuck you’ defiance. She strutted up the steps to her plane. She knew what she was doing.

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  2. The ‘funny’ part is, is that even a real jacket or did someone graffiti her jacket before she wore it. It looks like a sloppy writing and its not even a hoodie, its a jacket! While I am no fashion expert, I should say I haven’t seen any like that before. And the prices she probably pays for these jackets, I don’t know if any designer would make such a thing…

    I agree Violet, she is one of the three – extremely incompetent/equally evil/completely lost it and is in a zombie state…

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  3. I googled “Zara jacket” and sure enough I couldn’t find any other example with writing on the back. It sort of looks as if it were done with a 1″ paint brush. The jacket is supremely ugly. The slogan is ugly. And wearing it to Texas was an ugly thing to do. I too have lost all feeling I had for this woman.

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  4. To be led by a coward (bone spurs) is to be controlled by all that the coward fears (his many insecurities). To be led by a fool (everything he does) is to be led by the opportunists who control the fool (Putin, Stephen Miller, to name a few). To be led by a thief (lawsuit after lawsuit) is to offer up your most precious treasures to be stolen (liberty). To be led by a liar (every presidential press briefing) is to ask to be told lies (ah, but it soothes the ignorant). To be led by a tyrant (pick a tweet from Twitler) is to sell yourself and those you love into slavery (any non-1%’er who votes GOP). And to stay married to such a coward, fool, thief, liar, and tyrant — well, that makes you a soulless cunt – nah, even that term is too nice. (credit to Octavia Butler, Parable of the Talents for my “borrowing” of her words…not the cunt part, but most of the other parts)

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  5. Horrible. And yet sadly now, not surprising. And your Nazi research is grotesque, but definitely important to share. Are we all doomed? Sometimes I fear so 😰


  6. The world is in a sad state of denial! I’m not quite sure how the politics of a country that only represents 5% of the worlds population conveys to anyone not currently being terrorized by our military, but your emotional state is duly noted. The planet is grossly overpopulated with people not being cared for, and NO ONE wants address that fundamental problem with a meaningful solution? Continued burning of hydrocarbons will ruin the atmosphere for EVERYONE, yet we all continue to consume the essential energy to play around on the internet. Donald Trump is not a person I can identify with, but neither are the Clinton’s who I actually know. We as citizens aren’t doing enough to evolve change…because it’s too distracting from our regular lives😳

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