Lessons from Babchenko

Ten days ago I deleted my Facebook account. I did it in a moment of madness and because I’ve been on it for ten years and it felt like a good time to do it.

Anyway, this is what I’ve done since I went off FB.

Arrived early for all my meetings.
Deleted 23 thousand million Gmails.
Baked 6 cakes.
Thought about sex.
Thought about writing.
Started writing.
Googled sci-fi pics instead.

And even though I’ve got like 1% of my brain back, I’ve missed out on so much. I can’t see all the online fights. Or dog videos. The photographs of my friends. Or the photographs of me which is really why I’m panicking, what if people have posted terrible pics of me and I’m not there to delete them.

I am the only one who knows my good angles.

I also should’ve left Facebook more dramatically. I could’ve been like the Ukrainian guy who’s just come back from the dead. DAMMIT, why didn’t I fake my death when I left Facebook. At least it would’ve been more exciting when I came back.

Oh hey, I’m here, I’m alive, just kidding, it was the Russians…

I’m going to have to go back to make a more dramatic exit. (and check my pics at the same time)

One more post.

Just call me Babchenko.

Violet Babchenko.


18 thoughts on “Lessons from Babchenko

  1. My old aunts and uncles know how to use Facebook. And messages go back and forth better when planning family reunions with my gajillion family members in a group or group message way better than emails which get lost or autoarchive and create new after new after new instead of being continuous thread… I think Facebook is here to stay in my life. Even if it’s so I know dear aunt Judy’s arthritis is acting up.

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  2. Farce Book, I’m still there, barely. I get this dilemma. Some of my relatives have died and Farcebook contacts didn’t even know, so will it matter if I’m not there, probably not …

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  3. Something I dislike about Facebook is that I’m old enough to have friends from before it existed. That’s a real problem, because I didn’t necessarily know very much about those friends…we met, shared a conversation and both thought each other was cool.

    But on Facebook everything is out in the open. A lot of those friends I don’t really like any more because I’ve seen sides to them that were hidden. Misogynists? Yep, they’re among my friends. Racists? Check. Homophobes? Uh huh. I seem to be at the centre of a bigots network.

    Anyway, rather than unfriend all of my old friends and upset them, I too chose digital suicide and deleted my own account (my Nicci Haydon account is only for my pen name). There are now “old friends” I sometimes hear about from mutuals that I haven’t seen or spoken to in years, and am not likely to…


    1. I did go through a moment of madness cleaning my Facebook and deleting people i never see, NOW THOSE SAME PEOPLE THINK I AM A CUNT. I think Mel is never gonna forgive me. I’m back on it, once a day, hard to keep it like that. and i have genuinely deleted all the racists etc, BOOM, went from like 400 friends to 200 and now I am RACKED WITH GUILT.
      Also also – since spending less time on FB, i have earned a LOT OF MONEY doing decent writing, FB distracts me very very very very very very badly.

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