It’s not good

Guys, what is the protocol when you sleep with someone who has terrible politics.

Because I have done it and I feel like I’ve gone to the brink and beyond.

To be fair, I didn’t know then what I know now.

We’d had a great dinner. We spoke about music, movies and art. He had terrible taste in everything. We spoke about poetry. He knew nothing. Sport. Not the same sport I’m into. And when we got to politics, oh my sweet gods, it was really bad.


But the food was excellent

And there was something mildly sexy about arguing with him while spooning hummus, tahini and baby squid into my mouth. And something really sexy about still yelling when we moved on to dessert.

The chocolate fondant with lavender ice-cream was divine.

I had no intention of kissing him. But on the way home we kind of collided and it was awkward and I was going to slap him but instead I kissed him and it was so good and then I was yelling at him for not kissing me enough and harder and oh god I am so so sorry.

It was terrible. But it was such a turn on.

Am I the only one who has slept with a terrible person?

Have I lost all my integrity?

I think I have.

I’m sorry; I feel so bad.

Gonna have to yell at someone.

It’s going to have to be him…

16 thoughts on “It’s not good

  1. Maybe it was his way of exploring new kind of eroticism. Like 50 shades of grey, it is politics 101 – hey bring that ass here, *slap* and this is for saying immigration should be opened up more, *slap* and this is for saying taxes should be lowered….
    oh, do it again honey, talk to me about open markets, ahhh ahhh….ohhhh…..I am gonna vottttttteeeeeee……..

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  2. “Politics and Orgasm do not make good bed fellows…”

    Two separate and distinguishable areas of life? I choose to not allow my political views to distort my erotica…😎


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