I can’t help myself

I have to admit that Autumn drives me mad. I love every moment, every colour and every smell. I notice the sky and photograph the different blues – dark blue yesterday, ice blue today. I watch the birds flying in formation and think ‘how do they know how to do that?’ I make little bouquets of lavender and lilies and give them to my friends. I say hello to my neighbours. I even answer my phone. I go for long walks, I smell the air and cannot stop myself from crunching the leaves. I am friendly to people. Like, really friendly. I walk my dogs and the men are gorgeous and every single cyclist and every sweaty jogger smells so damn good I feel reckless and I am reckless.

That’s it. Autumn makes me reckless. It’s a time for beauty, gin, red leaves and clear skies, for perfect stars and the most delicious smells and the moon and men, dear sweet goddesses, the men.

I blame Autumn for everything.

It’ll be different in winter. I know.

But for now.

Oh my god.

It’s perfect.

10 thoughts on “I can’t help myself

  1. I am in the same utter delight here in Australia! The sun no longer bites my skin, & I can enjoy layers of clothes, as well as the wide clear blue sky. So perfect. And the bonus? Winter is just a bit more snuggly at night here, but never really cold… tropical paradises have their benefits 😊😎😃

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  2. I like all the seasons, but I adore Autumn for the red leaves, grey skies and couples in love. There are couples all year round, but I think Autumn is when people are most obvious about being in love.

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