Sex is cool but…

Have you tried:-

Jo Malone’s wood sage and sea salt fragrance
Ice cold perfect delicious water
Mercury coming out of retrograde
Offspring. (Netflix)
Being still under a full moon
Being naked
Verbina scented candles
Home baked bread
Thick cosy socks
Letting go
Doing nothing
Peanut brittle
Bouquets of flowers
Ginger lime chocolate
Any chocolate
Building a fire
Walking with friends
Walking alone
Walking barefoot
Being naked, oops I already said that
Estee Lauder’s new Envy lipstick
And OMG the ocean
Always, always, always, the ocean.

12 thoughts on “Sex is cool but…

      1. It was hugely popular here, and there are several seasons, so you can relax and enjoy the ride : ) Such great writing and acting; just you wait… I wept buckets at one episode… I think half of Australia did x

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  1. I like your list and this weekend am going to make it a point to smell Jo Malone’s wood sage and sea salt fragrance and then search for ginger lime chocolate. I have had ginger chocolate but not with lime and it sounds intriguing! Suppose I could always squeeze a lime on ginger chocolate, lol.

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