I know I’m lacking in sleep or something because today I cried when a Bowie song came on the radio, cried when I read about a lost dog and god I hope they find him, and cried watching the news coming out of Syria.

I cried at the end of the Netflix documentary ‘Wild Wild Country’ which is really good by the way, cried at stupid YouTube videos and cried at a Facebook message from a friend that just said ‘Hey.’

The smell of my Jo Malone fragrance made me cry, the smell of my neighbour’s cookies made me cry and ugh, I’m crying now writing my own sad blog.

Tonight I’m meeting a friend for dinner.

She lives in London and that’s really why I’m crying. She left Johannesburg a year ago and I can’t get used to her not being here and I hate saying goodbye to friends and we’ll say goodbye again tonight and I hate loss and I hate people leaving and I’m just not good at goodbyes.

I’m gonna watch more cute YouTube dog videos.


And cry as much as I want.


Then I’m going to move on to cats.

Sometimes it feels pretty damn good to cry. Even though my eyes get all red and swollen and I get a headache and bad sinus and feel terrible and look terrible and okay I just talked myself out of crying.

Still. One more self indulgent moment please.

Sob. Sniff.

Pass the tissues.


Moving right along.


15 thoughts on “Sob

  1. Aw I totally get it. I am sorry for your long distant friend and I hate goodbyes too. My kids and I do daft silly things at the airport these days. so the last you see of your loved one is a smiling face. It helps. Then you can go home and watch all the saddest things and have a good cry!
    It’s OK tho, because without the sad days, laughter would be hollow.

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  2. Crying refreshes our ability to soak up more love ❤️ don’t you think? It’s as though the feelings attached to our tears need to but released, and they won’t let go without an occasional sob…

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