A friend called to tell me about the gluten-free cake she’s baking and the organic bone broth she’s brewing.

I said wow fab, I’m drinking whisky and looking at the moon. Because once again in my hood, there’s no electricity.

Although to be honest, even if there was electricity I would still be drinking whisky and looking at the moon.

It’s nearly full and it’s beautiful. My whisky is single malt and perfect. And it’s quiet outside, almost lonely but not.

I used to get moody with a full moon.

I don’t anymore.

Except could you get any more fucking sanctimonious than gluten-free and bones and broth AND electricity come on and okay fine whatever maybe the moon does make me a little bit moody.

And a little bit lonely.


Go outside.

Have a look.

It’s magnificent.

Take your whisky. Or your bone broth.

But fuck off with your gluten-free.

16 thoughts on “Moody

  1. After a day that will go down in infamy, as the day I worked my god damn ass off from manual labor, that AMAZING moon I saw in the sky as I was driving home was a sight to behold; and as I made it to my street, I drove extra slow to watch that Magnificent Moon come up around the trees as I made it to my house. Today was grueling, but that Moon, oh bless that Moon, for it had beauty that just demanded attention no matter how tired I was. Cheers!! ❤

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