I was at a party yesterday, loads of fun, champagne, music, a divine cake, dancing and fab, funky, interesting people

At one point I left my table and just hung out against the railing, sipping my drink and people watching.

Beautiful people, beautiful colours, amazing fashion.

I started chatting to the couple next to me who were also just kind of hanging out. The birthday cake, a delicious chocolate with the freshest of raspberries, thick butter icing and layers of cream, was being passed around. The guy took a piece but I said ‘no thanks,’ as did his partner.

And then we got into a conversation about sugar and how it’s addictive and evil and bad bad bad.

He ate his cake, the chocolate and the cream and the berries, using his fingers, loving every beautiful rich decadent mouthful.

And then he put his plate down, leaving just a little of the chocolate icing smeared on his lips and his cheeks.

And she, unrestrained, took her finger, reached towards his mouth, swiped off the icing and brought it to her own lips.

‘It’s good’ she told me.

And then she leaned in, using her tongue to slowly lick the rest of the icing off his cheek.

Reader, it was the sexiest thing I have ever seen. It was also provocative in the most unplanned of ways.

‘That,’ I told her because I had to, ‘is the sexiest thing I have ever seen.’

Try some, she said?

Okay, I said.

And had a lick too.

So much for not eating sugar.

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