Oh Yes

This morning I had a dermatologist appointment and after he cut this GIANT hole in my head and told me everything was fine, I dashed into the closest coffee shop. I wasn’t in my normal hood, ONO looked divine from the outside and so, coffee.

As I walked in I realised everything looked very healthy. Like VERY healthy. Chia, acai , protein things and smoothie bowls and oh god, I just needed coffee.

‘Hey,’ I said. ‘Please tell me you’ve got good coffee.’

Coffee calms me down, especially when I think I’m dying and then the dermatologist tells me I’m fine and always have been and I know I’m fine but still I get anxious.

‘We have great coffee,’ the Barista replied.

‘Real coffee?’ I asked, scared it was a vegan kind of healthy coffee.

‘The real thing,’ he laughed. ‘Americano, cappuccino, what’s your preference?’

I ordered a cappuccino and then I thought I should order breakfast too, I had time and I wasn’t dying after all and the menu looked good.

‘Your food does look delicious,’ I said. ‘Okay, chia, what is chia, I don’t think so, maybe yoghurt with those nuts and acai, should I try acai, all right, hold on, not so sure about vegan chocolate and I hate coconut cream, what do you think I should have, what’s in your fruit I’m not mad about apples but I do love berries, maybe the yoghurt,a few berries, some nuts, ja add a few bananas…’

The guy was so sweet and patient and once I’d decided he said..

‘So basically you want the first thing on the menu?’

‘Exactly,’ I replied.

When I’d finished I told him how fantastic the food was because it really was, also I’d calmed down from the dermatologist and the hole in my head is actually teeny and you can’t see it and everything is fine!

As I was paying we chatted about his restaurant and I kind of explained my anxiety and he said, in a helluva nice way…

‘You did make a very easy order a little complicated.’

And I thought, ‘Isn’t that just the story of my life!’

And all it took was a little yoghurt, nuts and a few chia seeds to make me see it…


It’s divine. Go there. Try everything on the menu. I’m going to.


ONO. 1 Corlett Drive, Illovo, Johannesburg.
Tel. 078 893 1786

8 thoughts on “Oh Yes

  1. Ooo, that does look like a nice place, and so many are now doing vegan options. Just a few years ago, I found it difficult to eat out anywhere because the choices for a vegan were less than impressive. Now, everywhere seems to want us 🙂

    Glad you got your coffee!

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  2. That does sound nice although you’ll never get me on board with chia seeds! They look like frog spawn. GACK.

    Give me a good smoothie though and I’m happy out!


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