A story about my Son, Shell, BP, Caltex and Engen.

I just want to tell a story about my son who got lost yesterday while driving a little out of Johannesburg. His phone died and he had no clue where he was but he was helped by guys at the BP Garage, then the Shell Garage, then an Engen, then by a security guard, then a pedestrian, then a Barista, just like I would’ve suggested, then Caltex, everyone was kind, everyone was helpful, a garage attendant drew him a map, others checked on their phones, directed him, helped him, what is this bullshit about Jozi people being horrible, they were kind and went out of their way to help and were seriously brilliant.

Plus he was on his way to a job interview and he got there in time and he got the job and he got lost on the way home again and another two garage attendants helped him and he walked in the door and said ‘hey’ and I said ‘hey’ and then he said ‘You’ll never believe what happened…’

He had just got his driver’s license by the way, he was a little nervous.

God bless our gas stations, and our people, South Africans really are amazing.

Now charge your fucking phone. Dear Son.

And sure, you can take the car…

9 thoughts on “A story about my Son, Shell, BP, Caltex and Engen.

  1. jhb people are awesome – all the way through January. But then when the tans fade – along with reminders of their humanity…. they descend back into their hard arsed uncaring selves – better to enjoy it while it all lasts.


  2. What a wonderfully validating experience, for both you and your son. I’m so glad it all turned out so well, and that he got the job, that’s great. People can be so kind, we mustn’t forget that.

    And teenagers need to charge their damn phones! : ) G

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  3. What a heartwarming story. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ve also found anyone I’ve asked – in garages etc – has been really helpful.
    Congratulations on your son getting the job ๐Ÿ™‚


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