Everyone’s doing lists of what they achieved in 2017 and I’m a bit anxious that I can’t remember what I achieved other than I made the perfect steak and bought a new frock and oh god what if I am only remembered for my perfect steak except I also made a divine chocolate tart and anyway who’s counting, the sky is pink and beautiful, the moon divine, friends gorgeous, dogs fab, HAPPY NEW YEAR DEAR FRIENDS, hope 2018 is a very groovy one with good wine, great sex, my idol Joni Mitchell, Neil Young, tons of walking and lots of fresh and delicious vegetables.


Peace Out.

15 thoughts on “Peace

  1. And Bread, America, Janis, Heart, Fleetwood Mac, Aerosmith,Beth Hart, Carole King, Dan Fogelberg, The Eagles, Louie Armstrong, Marvin Gaye, and Etta James! And a Happy MOTHERFUCKIN’ YEAR to you too!

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