A one night stand

I thought sex would be a great way to end 2017.

Hot sweaty delicious noisy me on top me against the wall me with my legs wrapped around his, fabulous fantastic sex.

But I’m very wary of one night stands. I’ve never felt good after one and in fact have not had one in a very long time.

So when I met this new / old friend recently and he suggested we end the year with a good dinner, a lot of wine and hopefully excellent sex, I was incredibly tempted.

But I don’t want to mess up the friendship.

And I don’t want a one night stand.

I told him this although I was kind of jumping the gun.

‘One night stands don’t work for me,‘ I said. ‘I’ve tried but always land up feeling awful the next day. Even when the sex has been great.’

I could see him wondering exactly how many I’d had. But also, I could see his brain ticking over. He’s the kind of guy who was a top debater in his day.

He’s a problem solver and a bit of a spin doctor. He’s always convincing.

I like these things about him, by the way. He’s confident.

But I still didn’t want a one night stand.

‘No,’ I said. ‘Nice idea but no.’

‘You sure?’ he asked. ‘We could have a lot of fun.’

‘I’m kinda sure,’ I replied, perhaps a little hesitant.

‘Then what about a two night stand? We could do it Friday and Saturday. Add Sunday if you want, I have lots of time.’

Reader, I think I’ve found the perfect way to end the old year and bring in the new.

Hot sweaty fabulous and for three nights in a row excellent sex.

God bless spin doctors.

Happy New Year.

And stay tuned for details…

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