The year was 2017

This year has been kind of an extraordinary one in that there has been so much bad but also so much good.

Here is some of the good stuff I did in 2017.

Talked to strangers.
Took chances.
Walked in the rain.
Sorted out my god awful admin.
Said no to bread.
And no to bullshit.
Listened to Lorde.
Wrote a few poems.
Ate handfuls of blackberries.
And pomegranates.
Gave jackets to the homeless.
And cheese sandwiches.
Grew vegetables.
Tried every kind of donut.
Learned a little Spanish.
Made phone calls even though they nearly killed me.
Hugged my friends.
And my Dad.
Stopped sleeping in pyjamas.
Hung my washing naked.

Spent all my extra money on Dior which might not be such a good thing.

And realised how completely fucking thankful I am to all the people who make a difference in this world, to the people who fight the bad, who save water and recycle, who hold up placards, who give money, who give of their skills, who help those without voices and who fight for what is right.

They make it good.

You make it good.

Here’s to a very groovy 2018.

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