Holy days

Okay so I know I said I hate Black Friday and terrible consumerism and I stand by that.

I do.

But on Saturday I went with a friend for a gorgeous walk in nature, sunshine, a couple of owls and not a single shop in sight. It was divine.

Until she mentioned that a little boutique in Hyde Park was having a 75 % sale.

I rolled my eyes because I know that little boutique and their outrageous prices and even 75 % is expensive.

But then she said it was 75 % off their already 50% and I couldn’t help it. Silk dresses and skirts, lingerie, lace stockings, leather shoes and bags and belts all flashed before my eyes.

And the blog I had written trashing shopping flashed before my eyes too and I thought NO no no way I can do this.

‘Sure,’ I said. ‘I’ll keep you company.’

I didn’t really intend to shop.

But when we got there, Sweet Goddesses.

The clothing was divine. And the prices were insane. So we tried on a whole bunch of stuff and there were tons of women and we shared dressing rooms and admired one anothers’ bodies and zipped each other up and of course, spent a whole lot of money.

Feeling fabulously satisfied with our purchases, because we had each saved thousands ha ha, we went out for lunch.

If we were spending money we may as well spend some more.

We ate at The Social Kitchen. Delicious dips and cheese and wine and none of this was on sale but you know, food and shopping have to go together.

We were forced to do it.

‘We really should just be buying books,’ I told my friend. The Social Kitchen is part of a bookshop.

‘Ja’ she agreed, spooning caramelised figs into her mouth.

‘Or we could go back and see what we’ve missed,’ I suggested, thinking of the high heeled very sexy sandals that I hadn’t bought. ‘There’s another thirty minutes before they close…’

The figs were never finished. We threw a couple of bills on the table and rushed back to the boutique.

Of course I bought the shoes.

I’m busy hanging everything up in my closet and I don’t have enough hangars.

I know I should feel insanely guilty.

But I don’t.

I too shopped on that holiest of consumer days, Black Friday except it was Saturday. The one that I trashed so badly.


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