Fuck you Black Friday

I hate Black Friday it’s a rip off it’s a con it’s bullshit oh look a little black dress I am not going to buy that little black dress or those shoes I do not need those shoes hang on the dress oh ooh look at that pink hat maybe I need that stay away Violet you do not need any of this bullshit no-one needs any of this bullshit a con a rip off really oh a vintage bikini I can’t resist that and that wedding dress and those shoes and oh god I have to have the shoes.

Fuck you black Friday and your consumer rip off Bullshit.

What’s that you say, okay yes, thanks, add the hat.

I’m sure I’ll wear it one day.

Maybe. Never. Whatever.

Such bullshit.

26 thoughts on “Fuck you Black Friday

    1. today I have had messages from Sorbet (beauty), Hobo (clothes), Planet Fitness (gym), Oriental Plaza (shopping mall), Nedbank (my fucking bank) the optometrist (my eyes are fine thank you) Checkers (supermarket), NONE of them are real deals, and this is South Africa where we don’t even have a holiday to go with all this crap.

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  1. Ha ha good one Violet. They have us hooked don’t they? The stress with door busters. A 50 inch TV for $100, oh man where am I going to get it at that price! And then the classic bait and switch. People almost willfully fall for it, don’t they? Incorrigible is the man/woman who feels bad that he has not landed a deal when others did!

    Btw, did you get the hat, it looks cool 😉

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      1. Nope, I didn’t. TVs are the adult equivalent of a baby rattle. It is shiny and amusing for a while before it turns into, well, just a TV. And then a ‘new’ version comes out and the cycle repeats. So I am trying to avoid the temptation. 🙂
        A hat on the other hand, might give you joy every time you wear it out and possibly garner a fresh compliment on each outing!
        P.S. Nope, I am not in the hat selling business. I swear!

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