On dogs, horoscopes and reading.

‘So what are your favourite books, Violet?’

I didn’t even think before I gave an answer.

‘We Rate Dogs is number one, definitely’, I said, referring to the new coffee table book that came out a couple of weeks ago.

He looked at me with what looked like love in his eyes.

I continued.

‘The Kama Sutra. I have at least a dozen different copies and each one is so incredibly beautiful.’

He nodded, waiting for me to go on.

‘And then, well, I can’t wait for Astro Poets to be released.’

I may have been gushing a little.

‘Ah,’ he said, quietly twirling his beard and contemplating my choices. I realised he was not looking at me with love in his eyes. He was looking over me at the next girl at the bar.

Maybe she liked Tolstoy.

‘I do read by the way,’ I added hastily. ‘Just lately I want light. I struggle to focus which I think is because of the internet but also because of the world, I cannot read another horror story,’

Of course that’s such bullshit, there are a zillion good books out there that are not horror stories and I’m lying when I say I THINK it is because of the internet, I KNOW it is because of the internet. It’s turning my brain to marshmallow, I’ve become kind of ADD, it is unhealthy and bad and time consuming too.

But it’s also so much fun. It’s where I found We Rate Dogs and Astro Poets!

I do read other stuff. Modern Love, Vogue, Playboy haha, only for the articles of course.

Okay, I’m in trouble, I know I have to find a balance.

So I’ve deleted Social Media off my phone. I’ve taken to the couch. I have a glass of wine. And a fabulous book, I’m on Chapter 10, Page 103 and you know, this is fantastic, don’t talk to me, I’m consumed…

Also, it can’t be all doom and gloom.

The guy from the bar just invited me on a date.

Too bad I can’t go.



N.B If you’re on Twitter, check out @dog_rates and @poetastrologers. They’re a lot of fun.

And you know how to find the Kama Sutra.


17 thoughts on “On dogs, horoscopes and reading.

  1. All readers would say “don’t judge a book by its cover”–though we do, so why would (should) anyone judge you by what you read? I have always liked it when people are reading different things than I am. How else would I get any recommendations?
    Of course, maybe someday, a woman will mention one of my favourite books and we will have an instant connection….
    We’ll see.


      1. Certainly not an easy question. Historically, Waterland by Graham Swift, A Prayer for Owen Meany (Irving) The Sun Also Rises (Hemmingway) The Crying of Lot 49 (Pynchon). More recently The Glass Castle. The School of Velocity, The Making of Us, The Time Traveller’s Wife, This is Where I Leave you (though I saw the movie first) Our Endless Numbered Days…..okay, I could go on,
        If I had to pick one to read over again….It’s either Waterland or a Prayer for Owen Meany. Superbly written, impossible to film (though they have tried and failed in both cases), and deep enough to be read more than once.
        Sorry for rambling.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I really liked him in The Grifters, Grosse Point Blank, and of course High Fidelity. I also liked Serendipity, but I might have been going through a phase during that one.


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