Pure woman!

Apologies for all the exclamation marks but I just found out the girls I’m going to Bali with DO NOT WAX!!!!!

They’re HAIRY. Everywhere.

I on the other hand have booked a wax even though I don’t really need one – full leg, bikini and underarms. I’ve added a manicure and pedicure and for good measure, an eyelash and eyebrow tint, highlights and a haircut too.

I’m grooming for holiday.

There will not be a single hair sneaking out of my bikini bottom. My legs will be smooth and shiny and even my underarms will be perfect.

I did suggest to my friends that perhaps they would like to do just a small trim and I could lend them a razor or even a scissors if they wanted.

They both sneered at me.

We will be hairy, they proudly said, strong and feminist to the core.

Oh dear, I thought, a teeny part of me wishing I was PURE WOMAN TOO!

Anyway. We’ve all been getting ready and have started a Bali WhatsApp group. We’ve been discussing the flight and our hotels but also sharing pics of our sunscreen, our bikinis, our DOLLARS and our lipsticks.

We’re excited. Very.

I’m a bit nervous too, I always get nervous before I travel. But I guess if things get bad for any reason, I can hide behind their bushes.

Anyway. We’re off in two days time and I’m about to start packing.

But oh dear oh dammit excuse the exclamation marks again but I just got an SMS from my beautician to reconfirm my appointment!!!!

And dear reader, I have booked the wrong date!!!

I booked for when we’re already in the air!!

She can’t squeeze me in either and this could be a disaster but you know, it’s cool, I am PURE WOMAN TOO!

So hey Bali, watch out.

Three gorgeous adventurous excited but rather hairy women are almost on their way.

Au Revoir. And see you on the other side.

15 thoughts on “Pure woman!

  1. Happy Vacation Violet. Keep us posted on your Bali adventures. In fact, we will wait to see if you send us a mid-vacation update on your hair-raising situation AND all the fun stuff you get to do over there…


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