So I went on a date last night and it was – lovely. Good looking guy, fantastic shirt, whisky lover, good politics, lots and lots and lots and lots of money, a really nice guy.


He just added me to LinkedIn.

I have to repeat that.

He added me to LinkedIn.

Not Facebook, not Twitter. Not Instagram even though I’m not on Instagram.


It doesn’t make sense.

I thought he wanted to fuck me but maybe he wants to work with me!!

Will he add me to GoodReads next?

I’m confused. And perplexed. And pissed off, which means I took to social media to ask my friends what it meant.

‘Hey guys, I met a really nice man last night, he’s older, cute, good date, good kisser and then – he added me on LinkedIn, like, WTF and why would anyone do that…’

A younger gorgeous very hip very talented and very fucking cheeky did I mention unlined not a single wrinkle YOUNG gorgeous YOUNG friend replied and said:-

‘So Violet, is this what it’s like to date in middle age?’


I’m going to kill her.

I’m going to kill him too.

Then I’m going to botox.

But first I’m deleting my LinkedIn profile.

If only I could remember my password.

29 thoughts on “Serious

  1. Hey, it is an indication that he is a serious gentlemanly guy. He will love to be your companion and shows that he is not a freak on facebook. There is still some level of decency left on LinkedIn and you do not create fake profiles there. So this is actually a good sign…

    P.S. Full Disclosure: I am exactly like him, I only have a linkedin profile and am not on facebook πŸ™‚

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      1. Sweet. Now, I am really hoping that he isn’t an idiot and stays true to his perceived intelligence. If this guy turns out to be a dick, I am not going to go down well in history defending him and likening him to me! πŸ™‚


      2. And I can think of a few variations of why him adding you to Linkedin is good and why it is bad. I am sure you will not be interested. So let’s wait to see how this plays out and then tell each other, I told ya so!


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