A one night stand in Sumatra

There are 10299 miles between Johannesburg and San Diego. That’s the distance between me and a guy that I know quite well.

He’s funny, single, never wants to settle down and loves cheese burgers.

A little like me.

I’ve never met him.  It’s one of those connections, I’m sure you get it, a fun kind of I feel like I really know you, online connection.


I’m going to Bali in a couple of weeks.

He’s going to Thailand.

People that we both know said ‘guys guys, this is it, go away together, meet up, you’ll fall in love, get married, do it, come on, combine your holiday, sun, sand, cocktails, you two, together, this could be love.’

There are 2462 miles between Bali and Bangkok.

I know, because I googled that too.

I also checked to see what places are in between so maybe we could meet halfway.

Jakarta and Sumatra.

Jakarta doesn’t appeal to me.

Sumatra does. The descriptions of the island are that it bubbles with life, adventure, it’s passionate, fierce and it vibrates with, well, earth tremors, but for the sake of passion I’ll just say it vibrates.

This is what I think.

I think we should meet in Sumatra.

I would wear a light Indian style white cotton beach dress. No shoes. He’d be in shorts and a t-shirt.  We’d both be a little sunburned.

And it would be very very hot.

We wouldn’t need any baggage.

It would be just one night.

And it would be about food and sex. We’d get a shabby bungalow on the beach with no walls and it would be hot and sultry and the bed would be creaky and we’d have the best sex and I would be on top and then we’d eat all the Sumatran food, one course after another, daun bi tumbuk, sate padang, soto, pembek tel kikic, galanggal, bunga betik, extra lemongrass and chilli and all things spicy and then we could have sex again and I wouldn’t have to be on top this time and we’d sweat some more and swim in the ocean, more sex, more food, and then we’d part.

I do believe it would work for both of us. No cheeseburgers and no Netflix which we both enjoy too.  But hey, we could leave that for another time.

A one night stand in Sumatra?

I would do it.


14 thoughts on “A one night stand in Sumatra

  1. I loved Sumatra too; TOTALLY do it! Life is waaaaaaaay too short to not do it! Who cares about the $$ or the miles; what can possibly matter more than love, sex, food, & adventure. Do it. Because one day you’ll be old or dead, & there’s no second chances 🙏🏼

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