Stand up

Everyone is posting Nazi stuff on Facebook. And the general feeling is one of shock and horror, as it should be.

How can this be, how could this happen, is what all the posts say.

It happens under our noses.

Many years ago I went to the Dachau Concentration Camp in Germany. A beyond chilling experience.

The Jews must have asked themselves the same question.

This is not possible, how did this happen?

More recently I was in Rwanda, at the Nyamata Church. Over twenty thousand people were killed in this church, bludgeoned and burned to death.

‘It could never happen here’ is what they too must have thought.

Before they were murdered.

I remember the Bosnian genocide . I watched it on fucking TV.

I remember the Rwandan genocide. Same thing, live television footage.

And since then there has been Sudan and Yemen and Syria and war and death and murder and more murder.

And I see Charlottesville. And I see the KKK and white supremacists and Nazis and racists and bigots and homophobes.

And I listen to some of the racist talk here.

And I am scared.

We need to be very bloody careful. We need to stand up for what is right. For what is good.

Because these things happen while we are watching them.

And we cannot keep quiet.

29 thoughts on “Stand up

  1. Yes, you are right, we all should be brave enough to speak up. So easy to be intimidated and just so easy to look away . . . if you’re not being picked on! We have to make sure we don’t net ourselves caught up with the contagion of racism.

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  2. Absolutely. I loved your words. Tonight I am going to an interfaith rally put on by women clergy to protest what has happened in Virginia. As I have children who are Asian this is scary and not tolerable.We all have to take a stand against hatred.

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  3. I’m a little late here. A few decades, but also a few weeks. Back in 1997-2003, I lived in Cincinnati, Ohio, while there were race riots happening downtown where I worked because cops were shooting unarmed blacks. Were, and still are. The KKK were holding protected marches on the main square downtown. I moved away as soon as I was able. Wouldn’t you know it, the guy who rammed into a crowd of protesters and killed one woman in Charlottesville was from Ohio. I am 0% surprised.

    Now I live in St. Paul, Minnesota. It’s currently known as being a very progressive Midwestern city. However, I had to listen to the outrage of white people saying that the civil war-era statues should just be left alone; that they were put up to make southerners feel better about losing the war. (Not true – they were erected approximately 50-60 years later and funded by groups that supported segregation and lynchings.)

    The latest fad is for white supremacists to get a 23&Me genetics test, and then deny any results that show that they are not 100% white simply because they can’t comprehend science and truth.

    We are becoming a nation that is ruled strictly by fear and bumper sticker catch phrases. “Research” is a dirty word; so is “education.”


      1. My friends, who are half from SA, sent me all kinds of info last night about what’s going on with your government. So many parallels. I feel like we are in a badly-drawn cartoon and the mastermind is going to be revealed, and cackle, and THAT voice-over is going to be revealed to be a 12-year-old girl (or something like that). It’s just so surreal. But I’m staying angry. And vigilant.


      2. I’m staying active but also SELF CARE. I know it sounds crazy but we have to not get caught up in all the political bullshit. Do what we can, be involved, but smell the roses, drink coffee, watch movies, read, take pleasure in all the good things too. Friends, mostly.

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