288 but who’s counting

My I-Phone automatically tracks my steps and on average I do a brilliant 8000 a day.

Except today.

I did 288.

I am officially a blob.

But this is what I learned while being a blob.

Netflix has three new shows and I like them all.
Fiona Apple is very nice on repeat.
If you don’t answer the door to Jehovah’s Witnesses, they eventually go away.
The more face masks you do, the shinier your skin.
The fridge is always empty.
And Uber Eats is fabulous.

I ordered a divine Asian meal which added another 20 steps to my already 240.

Salmon Ceviche Taco and Szechuan Prawn Wonton were a good choice, by the way.

Totally delicious.

I learned that Uber Eats don’t mind if you’re still hungry and will happily come back with Muay Thai Kick and Kimchi Kimbap.

Also delicious. And another 20 steps.

I learned if you switch the App off it stops counting your steps.

And also, four dishes is a bit much and I should’ve stopped at three and I am always greedy and why don’t I ever learn that.

Still.  All delicious.

But then, sweet goddesses, I learned that when you switch the App back on again it sends a message to say Sit Less, Move More, Get Some Exercise, and fuck you I-Phone.

Today I am blob.

Tomorrow. I donno.

Please pass the ice-cream.

I don’t want to break my low step record.



28 thoughts on “288 but who’s counting

    1. yes really, let’s get down to important stuff.
      Fauda – brilliant.
      GLOW – fun.
      Friends from College – fun.
      The new season of RAKE – brilliant.
      OKJA – best movie I’ve seen this year, saddest and most meaningful too.
      Master of None – excellent.
      To The Bone – interesting.
      Shall I go on??

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Also, I forgot Sense8, about to start Season 2.
        Watch it!
        It’s a bit weird and sometimes too violent but I am fascinated by the way they deal with sexuality; think you’ll find it extraordinary and progressive.


      2. Right, I am putting all of those on my to be watched list! I have started Season 1 of Sense8 and so far loving it, but haven’t had as much time as I would like for watching things lately.

        Your recommendations have been good before. You recommended Santa Clarita Diet, and I have already watched the whole series 3 times. They so have to make another series. Also Drew Barrymore is super cute.


  1. There are ways to get physical- to get that burn in, that’s actually very fun.
    Walking Blows- I’m far too impatient to walk anywhere. And oh yeah I strongly recommend Ozark. Very badass, Such great writing! TVMA
    -Much love baby


      1. This isn’t Facebook? Is this getting “Dangerous” yet? Supervillains, they don’t people in body bags but they sure as hell are going to want to hurt your feelings.

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