It’s my birthday tomorrow. So before I drink too much champagne and eat too much cake, here is what I did and loved over this last year.

Wrote some stuff
Made some stuff
Drank and ate with friends who are amazing and wonderful and make me feel good and special and I love them
Cried with those same friends too
Perfected a chocolate cake icing
Bought too many shoes
Ate too many Nachos
Plucked lemons off my tree
Wore a leather skirt once then gave it away
Fell for my Barista
Had the best sex I’ve ever had, and yip, I’m in my fifties
Met a cat called Kenneth
Dated every man in my hood and now I have to avoid them all
Learned how to play poker
Got into a few too many political arguments
Gave all bad drivers the finger
Spent excellent time with my boys
Discovered the beauty of false eyelashes
Considered botox
And probably will get botox

But only for my next birthday. Or even the next one.

Happy birthday me. It feels insane to say I’m turning fifty-six. But I am.

And you know, it’s pretty cool.

Cheers guys. And thanks to all of you too!


36 thoughts on “Reflections

  1. Indeed it is pretty cool. Happy Birthday. I loved your list; raw and funny. I hope you successfully avoid the boys in the hood and have even better sex this year.


  2. May you always have a full year of adventures — Happy Birthday! When I get closer to my 70s is when I’ll reveal my age. Meanwhile, if people still think I’m a certain age, I’ll let them think so. Hah! Four years ago a visiting business consultant thought I was 21. That makes me 24 now then, right? Ah, vanity . . .

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  3. Happy Birthday my dear Cyber friend. Go do something daring and exciting that you would want to have put on your tombstone someday!


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