Wonder Woman

Today I saw Wonder Woman and absolutely loved it. And it may be because I had a bit of a cluster headache but when I walked out the movie I saw fire, flares and flames hurtling towards me. As one does, I threw off my cape, leapt into yoga warrior pose and faced it all full on, blocking bullets with my bare hands.

‘I’ve got this,’ I said to my friend who slung me my sword. I lassoed the baddies, flew in the air to grab our lattes and side-kicked the guy who catcalled us as we headed home.

I have a very good side-kick.

Also, hand to hand combat is fun.

God, I loved the movie. I think it is fantastic and every man, woman and child should see it. I loved that Gal Gadot who plays Wonder Woman, was not turned into a sexual figure, she doesn’t have a thigh gap and you never see her naked.

She’s beautiful, she’s not flirtatious or seductive but she’s most definitely in charge.

And magnificent.

I loved that the movie is all about feminism but not in a fuck-you kind of way to men, just in a ‘We love, We take control, We’ve got this’ kind of way.

And sue me if you want but I quite liked Chris Pines too. More than quite like him, dear sweet goddesses he is gorgeous and he can act and I loved his role. Strong, equal, nods his head even when Wonder Woman says she was made out of clay, understanding and yeah sorry a spoiler, he’s a virgin.

The movie is all about women safeguarding the world from male violence and comes at the perfect time when women pretty much have to do that. And maybe women are slowly winning the battle, not with armour but with love, peace, strength and a little savage swordplay too.

It’s a fast paced movie and the only time I lost focus was when I shifted position and my luxury movie chair slipped back and suddenly I was watching lying down and didn’t quite know how to shift the lever back.

My friend, also a Wonder Woman, leapt into action, grabbed her bow and arrow, scattered my popcorn and lifted the lever thing like she too was tossing a tank.

I guess she also wanted to show off her badass fighting skills.

I’m still showing off mine.


It’s a great movie. The movie of the year, I think. Go see it.

We’re all Wonder Women.

9 thoughts on “Wonder Woman

  1. The character was created to accomplish precisely what you interpreted her as! Where would women be, if not for all the cranky old robed bastards telling us what God had conveyed to them specifically? Women enhance society…not threaten its fragile ideology 😎

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  2. I don’t know about you, but whenever I see a kick-ass action film I always imagine myself with the same skills after. Like my limbs are moving graceful as a cat as I twirl, sweep, turning as I unscrew the cap to the toothpaste.

    Unfortunately that feeling usually only lasts for a few hours. Then I’m just clumsy old me 😛

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