This is not fine

I blog about food and dogs and wine because Jesus Christ what is going on in this country. We read the news and it’s never ending, baby rape, child rape, rape, sexual assault which has been out of control for fucking years, racism, farm murders, an old lady being tortured with a drill, organ sales, rhino poaching, now I just read about lions being torn to pieces for their body parts and fuck, every day we see and hear more, more death, more lying, more cheating, more violence, more racism, more homeless, more hungry, more beggars, more poverty, more heartache and a fuckawful useless ANC government who stopped caring a long time ago.

I will still post about food and dogs and wine.

And politics.

And sex.

But goddammit I feel so fucking angry

And I didn’t even list murder.



25 thoughts on “This is not fine

  1. It’s not my place to say anything, but honesty I would encourage anyone who had the means to leave, to leave. Ten years away has not been enough to fully recover from the crime situation, the other night I was alone, and was scared when I heard a noise outside. And then I realized. We underestimate how much it affects our psyche.


    1. I worry much more about the women who have to travel alone at night, the kids who have to stay unsupervised in their shacks, the poor and the homeless, than I do about me. I am angry that these things get worse, as per my rant. I am still completely and utterly committed to making South Africa work.

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  2. 😔

    …with 11 languages and such income disparities, early childhood development there continues to keep social order at bay. A human read to in the first three years of life has 10,000 more words in their adult vocabulary. The average human only possesses 30,000. That disparity creates most, if not all of the social issues you’ve described here. Humanity must focus on a new generation to break this terrible cycle🤦‍♂️

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      1. It’s exasperated in SA…but the issue is a human problem touching every modern culture. Then, contrast that against all the wonderful things we humans are capable of…and it just doesn’t make sense that everyone isn’t experiencing the best of what humanity has to offer😔

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  3. I cannot think of anything that can sound supportive or encouraging, so I am going to desist from saying something along those lines. But I am glad that the world has people like you who are concerned and try to do something about something at least sometime. Don’t know if it would put a dent in all things evil, but I shall hope that it will put a smile to someone who was a victim of it, someday. And for that day, I shall pray, on your behalf.

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