A key

‘Is the key hanging where it’s supposed to hang?’

‘Yip,’ I said.

‘Good,’ he replied.

That was all.

Enough for me to feel exactly how I’d felt when he’d hung it there all those years ago.

A key for a space that was ours.

That won’t be used again.

The end.

12 thoughts on “A key

  1. When you drive by or walk by a place you have spent a considerable time in, do you hope that they’ve changed it so their use won’t insult your memories? Do you hope they’ve kept it like a shrine? Do you hope that they’ve changed almost everything, but you are able to pinpoint the exact thing they have missed?
    For me the last is the most rewarding, though I can’t say why.

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      1. Oh my god, you actually checked it out. This means a lot, you have no idea how much I appreciate one of my favourite writers on here taking the time out to check my stuff. ^_^ x

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