Space Sex

‘Hey, I noticed your profile and would like to offer you a job, erotic writing, you keen?’

‘Absolutely,’ I replied, ‘Erotica is my thing. Send me a brief and we can chat.’

‘Okay. They’re Alien Abduction stories. I need five stories, ten thousand words each, the money’s pretty good.’

‘Hahaha, I laughed.  I can write erotica but not that kind, no sorry, not for me.’

I closed my mail and started thinking. How does one write alien abduction erotica? Like, do the aliens land, swoop down on a gorgeous scantily clad sexy young woman, lead her to the spaceship, stroke her with their tentacles, telepathically remove her panties, oh, god, yes, alien, more please more…

Oooh, why not? Maybe I could be good at this.

So I opened my mail and said YES. Yes, I’ll take the job, I love the idea, aliens with beautiful women exploring places that have never been explored before. Mind sex, sex in capsules, sex on other planets, slimy sex, green sex, alien lesbian even slimier sex , slave alien sex, gosh, I want this job, I will be good at this job, tentacles reaching out, stroking, touching, tentacles whipping, oh my but in alien language, she’s never felt this way before still in alien language, two tentacles, three tentacles, use your other tentacle, please, more…

There could be so many points of entry.


Filling the gaps that earthlings have never quite managed to fill.

Oh god alien, alien.

Yes. Please

I’ll take the job.

Lead me to your master.

29 thoughts on “Space Sex

  1. Google Amazon’s romance forum – “romance with aliens that actually look like aliens”. It is one of the more active discussions in the Amazon forum lately. I’ve read a few books that were recommended there and…I liked them 🤗 Not sure they were erotica but the stories easily could have gone there.

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      1. This line of yours, “oh my god, there’s like a whole alien sex porno underworld…” is hilarious! I was reading something about writing erotica yesterday and the blogger dropped a bomb that there was actually a dinosaur sex erotica “thing” happening – that floored me, so yeah, lots of possibilities for pleasure with alien tentacles.

        Do let us know how it goes…

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  2. When you started this post I was about to say ‘If you don’t want the gig I’ll gladly do it!” How do you hear of these jobs? I feel like I could get creative with alien appendages!

    You should post some of your extraterrestrial erotica once you’re done!

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  3. This is amazing haha I’m jealous! Like one of the earlier comments, I started reading this and was yelling “no, don’t turn that down, there’s so many options”. Please let us know how the stories turn out, and where to find them. This is so interesting!

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  4. Congrats on the offer! It sounds crazy but there is definitely a growing niche there for aliens and monsters. I’m exploring the idea now and it is fun to let your mind go crazy in that direction lol

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