No sex for good friends.

So last night after a really few stressful days I went out with this guy who has become a new good friend guy. We get on fantastically, he’s easy to talk to, he’s handsome, he’s lovely; he’s a friend.

As I was sinking my teeth into a huge juicy cheeseburger he said ‘Well, Violet, we should talk about sex.’

I spat my cheeseburger out, took a huge sip of whisky, had a panic attack and said:-

‘So hey, tell me about your day, how’s work going, all good?’

‘Don’t you want to talk about it at some point Violet…’

No no no, I said, vociferously. We defintely dont want to talk about sex, not even think about sex. We have such a good thing going, why would we mess it up. There will be no sex, ever, oh god, no. Just no.

You can see I was in a state, I’d stopped using any kind of punctuation or good grammar. I’d also gone bright red, my heart was insane, my entire body in a state of panic.

‘Because we might be good together?’ he carried on.

I continued asking about his day. My day. Any day. Every day. Anything to avoid the maybe sex subject.

He humoured me. We changed the subject. Finished our meal, had fun, definitely no touching.

As he kissed me goodnight, on the cheek that I offered gently, he laughed.

What’s with you, he asked. You can have sex with someone you don’t like but not with someone you do like.

He knows about The Difficult Guy.

Haha I giggled haha funny true god I have no idea, I said.



23 thoughts on “No sex for good friends.

      1. And he is lucky that you say so! Sorry couldn’t help it. Lol!

        You are sweet and smart Violet, am sure you would have chosen someone to be a good friend only if they were equally so. Thus, I concede that you are both lucky.

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  1. “And went inside,” … Being the ever optimistic type, I would like to point out that there is an understood subject to this sentence that I don’t understand.
    Maybe I went inside.
    Maybe we went inside.
    But there is the general point that is good either way … “NEVER TO TALK ABOUT IT AGAIN.”


  2. Men have pointed that out to me before. I explained that it has to be a proper balance of like/dislike for a FWB situation. If I like them too much then I will want more than FWB. If I dislike them too much I won’t want to have sex at all.


  3. Don’t do it! You know why. At some point there will be a speech about one of you holding a special place in the other one’s heart, or there will be an ugly, jealous, non-communicating breakup, but you won’t have that friendship anymore.


  4. This is a fascinating subject. I’ve had one female friend whom I simply would not approach for sex, and even now I recall that one evening: we had had dinner together, talked, laughed. We were so comfortable in each other’s company (still are), and we had gone back to her place. There was that moment when I knew, and I think she knew. It could happen. To this day I’m glad we didn’t do anything, and I’m convinced she feels the same way. Because if we had, we wouldn’t be friends. There was no way we could have married–hell, that’s why we were such good friends! 🙂
    Now, she’s married. I’m married. We’re both happy and we’re both still friends.

    I remember a young lady telling me after a disastrous relationship–not with me- “After sex, everything changes.” I’m not saying that’s a universal truth, but it goes a long way.
    And too, if the sex doesn’t happen within a certain amount of time, then why even ask?

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  5. He is coming too strong on you..You may masturbate to him but seems unlikely for you to have sex with him..
    I think a man and a woman can be fantastic friends with sex in it, if a man and a woman can agree to give way out to each other at any point without changing friend ship dynamics


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