A little conflict over a little croissant

Social media brings out the worst in me. I mean, I love it, I love the connections of Facebook, I love the cleverness of Twitter and I dig the pics on Instagram.

But I hate stupidity.

And Social Media brings out the stupid.

Yesterday I got into a fight with a woman over a croissant.

She was outraged over her R15 croissant that was awful. And so she publicly trashed the bakery.

Three hundred thousand million billion trillion people liked her post and threatened to boycott the bakery.

I did not like her post. It felt like bullying. She could’ve gone to the bakery and told them it was a crap croissant. Ask for her money back. Give them the opportunity to apologise. And shop elsewhere.

I told her she had something called choice and she could use it.

And that one bad croissant did not deserve a public trashing.

Three million people did not like what I had to say.

And none of them would let it go.

The croissant was too salty.
The croissant was stale.
It was too hard, too soft, too old, too big, too thick, too whatever, it was clearly a very unsatisfactory croissant.

This is not France, I said. This is a shitty bakery. With shitty prices. What do you expect?

A buttery croissant.
A perfect croissant
A croissant that is flakey.
Fresh, tasty, crunchy, soft…

Christ, I yelled. Don’t shop there then. Go elsewhere. Use your fucking brains.

Calm down, they had the cheek to tell me. Leave this page. Go do something worthwhile.

And that’s the whole point.

It’s so much easier to talk about a terrible croissant than it is to talk about the terrible things that happen in this world. Genocide, rape, war, murder, racism, sexism and I could go on but we don’t want to talk about these things.

Or deal with them.

So we’ll just carry on being stupid.

Until it’s too late.


17 thoughts on “A little conflict over a little croissant

  1. What is wrong with people? I wouldn’t waste my time or energy writing in FB or whatever social media about my experience with a crappy donut. Seriously. You don’t like it? Don’t go back! And you’re right, with so much evil in the world, why not make a comment about real hatred and not your croissant hatred.

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  2. How worked up can anyone possibly get over a croissant? Unless this croissant was baked with gold flakes and cost a small fortune, just bin it and get a different one somewhere else! Jesus wept!

    Liked by 1 person

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