I just read about men getting Botox in their balls to iron out the wrinkles and dear sweet goddesses, my Monday is ruined.

It’s called Scrotox and honestly what the fuck but balls have always been wrinkled and will always be wrinkled and Jesus Christ this is too much for me.

Bring on the old.

Bring on the natural.

Bring on the uninjected.

And bring on the messy.

The best sex is uninhibited sex. So what if your scrotum swings or you have a few wrinkles. Sex is fun because you just let go and feel and you don’t mind if you have a small tummy or a few wrinkles and maybe it’s good because not all of you is perfect and you’re uninhibited and you can also laugh  at balls swinging, and no, SCROTOX, go fuck yourself.


Find me a man with natural balls.

And you’ll find yourself some great sex.

Schmotox Scrotox. Indeed.




46 thoughts on “Balls

  1. Ha ha ha….That was hilarious!!! What will they think of next – maybe dip your whole body into plastic and look preserved forever, like a cartoon.

    How the heck did you get to read about this….I cannot stop laughing and damn it is has to be painful.

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