On dressing rooms and turtles

You know that dreadful thing of going into a dressing room with a whole bunch of swimming costumes and they are all awful and the light is terrible and you realise that yes indeed you do have cellulite and you really shouldn’t have eaten that last loaf of fresh so-good-straight-out-the-oven bread and this is all just so damn depressing.


In a strange turn of events I just went into a dressing room and tried on a swimming costume and the first one I tried was absolutely perfect and I am so delighted and may I say it has never happened before and it may never happen again but I’m in a deliciously good mood and about to head off to the beach, to sunshine, to wine, to turtles hatching, to snorkelling and surfing and sleeping and reading and good food and shout out to swimming costumes that fit!

Sorry to be a show off.

And maybe the light was good and it was a slimming mirror or something…

But – did I say – PERFECT!

I cannot help smiling.

And honestly, I don’t really mind if I see turtles or not.

So long as I can hang out on the beach.

Get a tan, show off my costume, not worry that I never managed to get a bikini wax.

Oh shit. A bikini wax.

I really should’ve done that.



Thanks to Banana Moon, Parkhurst, for the gorgeous costume.
Thanks to Rocktail Camp, KwaZulu Natal, where I’m heading.
And apologies to the person who drew this doodle, I forgot where I found it. But it’s perfect too.

11 thoughts on “On dressing rooms and turtles

  1. The situation that is happening in that doodle has happened to me so many times that I actually felt my face flush when I saw it. Being small with large breasts means I have often stood in a changing room wondering if I am doomed to stay there forever until I have fossilised into the floor, just to avoid the shame of being stuck.

    Tell me more about this swimsuit! I’ve been looking online all over trying to find a nice swimsuit and all I can find are bandeaus (WHO DO THEY LOOK GOOD ON OTHER THAN PHOTOSHOPPED PEOPLE) which make me look like I’m binding my breasts and preparing for the role of Brandon in a theatrical production of Boys Don’t Cry…

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    1. hilarious, and I KNOW, how many times do we walk out of shops saying ‘fine thanks’ when actually we want to kill ourselves.
      It’s LIVIA, simple, navy, sexy, not a high leg, elegant, hope it looks as good when I am not in front of what may have been a very flattering mirror.

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      1. Ugh… so many times! I love navy and simple – I’m not big on prints so I’m always looking for stuff like that. Will have to give banana moon a try!! Thanks for the tip!


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