There’s a new guy in town.

This weekend I did the most macho of things. I went to a rugby match.

Rugby is a tough game. It attracts the hard and the fast. The players play hard and fast and the supporters play hard and fast. It’s aggressive, mad, seemingly dangerous and very bloody exciting.

Rugby is played in the wildest of weather; in snowstorms, tornadoes and during earthquakes and volcanoes. Nothing frightens a rugby player.

Which is the same with avid rugby supporters. They’re tough and will support their team through anything. They may leave the stadium for a small nuclear explosion but that’s about it. They’d certainly never think of wearing a hat or sunblock during a heatwave, or pulling on a sweater in sub zero temperatures.

They yell, they drink, they swear, they scream and they have been known to stab or shoot one other.

And there I was, over the weekend, very excited to hang out with these kind of people.

But guess what, dear rugby reader. I was in for a huge surprise.

There is a new type of rugby supporter in town.

The metrosexual.

South African rugby supporters have evolved. It seems that the beer swilling, old flag waving, huge pot bellied red faced supporters are no longer.


We have highly artistic and creative supporters now. The guys I were with have liberal political views, are in touch with their feminine sides, are highly fashionable and definitely have a refined sense of taste.

They admire one another’s rugby gear.
They hug delicately when South Africa do well.
They describe a winning try as a thing of beauty.
And they used the word poetry when a try is converted.

Look at that, darling. Pure pure poetry.

They did not use the word poes, fok, bliksem, eish, eina or motherfucker once.

They’re also into their bodies. Almost all the men took off their shirts and proudly showed off their six packs. They spoke about gym, yoga,pilates and meditation.

South African metrosexual rugby supporters meditate.

Sweet goddesses, even I do not meditate.

But still.

Rugby and Poetry.

Two beautiful things that go well together.

Just like me and the supporters.

Yes, yes, a try, a try, another magnificent try.


I absolutely cannot wait for the next match.

11 thoughts on “There’s a new guy in town.

  1. I love rugby. I love rugby players, I love rugby supporters… I love everything about it. As they say, “In football the players look like gents and act like thugs. In rugby the players look like thugs and act like gents.”

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  2. Ha! Never would have believed it myself, rugby and poetry, nah, nope. Except. The one rugby player I Do know has a knack for writing poetry. He sent me one once. It was poetry. And more beautiful that I could ever write.


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